Wildstar Guides: PTR PvP Press Event & Daggerstone Devspeak

The Core was lucky enough to be invited as one of the media outlets for the U.S. Public Test Realm (PTR) Event yesterday. The event pitted Wildstar players against game journalists from MMORPG, GameSpot, IGN, Curse etc.

Wildstar is a sci-fi adventure hybrid game

In a genre oversaturated with the same old, Wildstar plays it pretty safe. Luckily, Carbine Studios’ debut title does so with charm and subtle dashes of innovation. It’s not the MMORPG revolution some people are so desperately seeking, but it is a small step in the right direction.

The idea of In-Game Equipment Management API is in development

Players in WildStar enjoy the ability to quick swap between different action bars/AMP sets in order to participate in different content or perform different roles.

Wildstar's biggest distractions is the challenge system

With a rock solid group portion of the game, even though that lacks innovation, Wildstar manages to establish its niche in the MMO space.

How do You to Play Engineer In The Adena In WildStar

For these engineers who want to play Arena, is an engineer of 2200 score, although scores are off a bit, usually there will be 1900+, because engineers are not active in the Arena, engineers want to use but do not know how to play Arena people can start to make a reference.

Update Notes: Dungeon and Adventure loot, brings AMP and Ability Point fixes

Hooray for better Dungeon and Adventure loot! Back in June we reported that WildStar was working toward remedying the "gold run or bust" mentality that players were experiencing, especially in veteran mode dungeons and adventures.

Choose Your Favorite Way to Fast Power Leveling in Wildstar

WildStar Leveling Guide has been a popular topic from July, we have already discussed some possible ways to fast power leveling in WS. And today, we will further our discussion and your can choose your favorite ones.

Wildstar Guides: The Stalker's AMP location in Exile

AMPs system is a major feature in Wildstar. The various AMP function are totally different, in fact, we can understand they are passive skills. However, most of these AMP are under unlocked state.

Wildstar Blighthaven New Map and Reputation Acquired

After the Wildstar Strain released, we finally can enter into the new map Blighthaven.What’s new characteristic of this map? Now, we are glad to introduce the new Blighthaven.

Wildstar Guide: New Dungeon - The Ultimate Protogames

On the July 1st episode of The Nexus Report, Mike Donatelli broke the news that WildStar will be implementing a lower level "teaching" dungeon in the near future.

Stalker Tank Build Guide in Wildstar

At the present Wildstar version, the Stalker is the best Tank, unmatched by any professional and the play style is various.The Stalker, despite being a class capable of stealthing, is an exceptional tank.

How to maximize the power of Engineer and the movement flexible

The previous Wildstar Engineer news we have shared DPS skill build and Tank skill build. Today, this article aims to help player clearly learn how to position DPS Engineer. How to maximize the power of Engineer and the movement flexible.
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