How do You to Play Engineer In The Adena In WildStar

wildstar-powerleveling Date: Jul/18/14 11:18:08 Views: 198

For these engineers who want to play Arena, is an engineer of 2200 score, although scores are off a bit, usually there will be 1900+, because engineers are not active in the Arena, engineers want to use but do not know how to play Arena people can start to make a reference. With his method in Bolt Caster (Lightning Catapult) with Urgent Withdrawal (emergency evacuation) is full.

Engineer Assault Catapult output mainstream is lightning catapult or Electrocute.


Wildstar Engineer


The feature of electrocute is penetration, will injuries for dizzy or blinding enemies, but mobility is not good, hit some occupations will suffer in comparison Arena, but then PvE Assault line output must be selected electrocute.

Lightning Catapult is a monomer concentration of output, accuracy part of the need to practice. Lightning Catapult does not penetrate, so many people in the 10v10 map where this effect will be relatively poor.

Emergency evacuation is very important, is the source of all the mobility of engineers. Because in the Arena almost everyone will have Dash shoes, so you wear the shoes does not mean you will run faster than Dash quickly to others, still need to do the auxiliary motor skills. Emergency evacuation possible solutions to a given body of T4, T8 can be filled three times, the high point after the Tui very far, damage is also good, but can retarder opponents, PvP is a very useful skill. Dash shoe is now almost essential, whether PvE or PvP are, especially for engineers.

It is worth to mention Assault line T3 AMP: Unstable Volatility. Instructions are written to a stacked full five extra damage, but in fact three times as long as the full stack on it.

After Lv.50, do not waste Elder Gem, a large fight took 150 people to buy a copy of the key, and then have to spend a lot of Elder Gem AMP to expand skill points and points difference has expanded very much.