Wildstar Guides: The Stalker's AMP location in Exile

wildstar-powerleveling Date: Jul/15/14 15:00:57 Views: 170

AMPs system is a major feature in Wildstar. The various AMP function are totally different, in fact, we can understand they are passive skills. However, most of these AMP are under unlocked state. Usually, most of Wildstar AMPs you can purchase from the specify store so that you can unlock it. As for the rest which can not be unlocked, only can obtain through monster drops or the auction house. Although AMP can go to the store to buy, but these shops scattered around the world. Meanwhile, you require a certain reputation to be able to have permission to buy it. Now, we are glad to introduce the Stalker's AMP location in Exile.

Celestion AMP


celestion amp


Algoroc AMP


Algoroc AMP


Thayd AMP


thayd amp


Galeras AMP


Galeras amp


Whitevale AMP


whitevale amp


Farside AMP


Farside AMP


Wilderrun AMP


wilderrun AMP


Generally, the AMP is classified in Popular Gear column. Most of maps require 8000 reputations so that you can buy Wildstar AMPs. Now, try to unlock all your AMP as soon as possible! If you don’t want to wast lots of time on gaining reputation, you can choose out store to buy AMPs. 24/7 Online service forever!