The idea of In-Game Equipment Management API is in development

wildstar-powerleveling Date: Jul/21/14 10:07:53 Views: 130

Players in WildStar enjoy the ability to quick swap between different action bars/AMP sets in order to participate in different content or perform different roles. If a Medic wants to switch from heals to DPS, it's quite simple - just an easy click of a button on the UI. Unfortunately switching between gear sets has not been as easy ... but that's all about to change.


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In a recent post on the WildStar, Carbine confirmed that the idea of an in-game equipment manager API has been a hot topic at the studio and that it is currently in development. Since it's a significant addition players shouldn't expect to see it added in a hotfix but rather a full patch drop in the future.

The creation of the API doesn't necessarily guarantee that Carbine will build an equipment manager by default, but it does mean that the community should see a host of addons that will accomplish this. Either way, this is a great quality of life addition for players.