Wildstar is a sci-fi adventure hybrid game

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In a genre oversaturated with the same old, Wildstar plays it pretty safe. Luckily, Carbine Studios’ debut title does so with charm and subtle dashes of innovation. It’s not the MMORPG revolution some people are so desperately seeking, but it is a small step in the right direction.

Wildstar is a sci-fi adventure with a wild west vibe a la Firefly featuring a brightly hued hybrid World of Warcraft/Ratchet and Clank aesthetic. Set on the freshly discovered planet of Nexus, players are initially asked to join the Dominion, an empire set on galactic domination, or The Exiles, refugees who’ve been forced from their homes by the Dominion, now set on revenge.


wildstar game desktop wallpaper


Once you have created your guy or gal, your then left to undergo a few introductory quests before being left to your own devices on the vast planet. WildStar takes on a third person perspective which is the traditional viewpoint with keys assigned to make your character sprint or jump as well as hotkeys for different special attacks. The mouse is used for the direction of travel with the mouse buttons being used for the action buttons, MMO vets will be right at home here. WildStars inventory, mailing and banking system works almost identical to that of World of Warcraft as a window pops up when needed which shows a grid of your picked up items and items can be exchanged via mail or deposited in the bank, it’s all familiar ground for MMO veterans and for newcomers its really simple to get your head around. Mission types are dominated by grinding “kill a ton of these” and “deliver this to there and this to there” quests which soon become mundane with a huge amount of text to read through to link them together.

Addons are contagious, and we have the best ones to download for your next WildStar adventure. Whether you’re easing your game-playing quality of life, shoring up your list of guild leader demands, or trying to sneakily gain an advantage, they’re probably going to find their way into your WildStar existence. Whatever your aim, this list will provide the best addons you can download for a top-notch romp.

Probably the most common script used to track each player’s damage output over time. Be careful about trying to top the charts, though: it tracks player deaths too!

Slices the default single-line health and shield gauge into two separate bars. If you’ve played any other game that involves energy shields, its capacity was probably presented Biji style.