Stalker Tank Build Guide in Wildstar

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At the present Wildstar version, the Stalker is the best Tank, unmatched by any professional and the play style is various.The Stalker, despite being a class capable of stealthing, is an exceptional tank. The Stalker Tank has high Deflect Chance so that the monster can’t attack them regularly, the viability is stronger than other classes. Next, we would talk about the Talker Build as Tank

AMP Choice
Last Stand the invincible 3.5 second, necessary for Tank.
That’s All You Got, it reduce the 10% damage dealt beyond 70% life blood
Stay A float, regenerate life after resisting attack damage
Tech Mastery,increases 28% Tech after resisting attack damage


wildstar stalker amps


Skills Sets


wildstar stalker skill sets


Main Skills Introduce


wildstar stalker skills


Nano Field T8, it can increase incoming healing by 8% and the 2nd press transfer 100% health
Decimate T8, it can reduce damage dealt by 10% as well as grant 25% support power within 10s.
Steadfast T0, it can resist damage and restore Deflect Chance.

As follow is the Combat screenshot


wildstar stalker combat


All in all, this build aims to maximize to reduce the damage from monsters and recover life blood as soon as possible. Although the damage is not so hight, you can deal with massive monster with full life blood. Why not have a try?

1.Although you are a tank, you’ll still need the right armor, AMPs and skills. Don’t just queue for a dungeon and expect to be able to survive and look after a party.
2. Although you can stealth, it’s easy for opposing players to find you in PvP. Make sure you use your positioning properly to reduce the chances of being discovered.