Details About WildStar Features, Attract You

Whether you are a peaceful quester following the explorer path or a raging PvP arenas master, ganking everyone in your path, Nexus has something for everyone!

WildStar Attractive Reasons is Introduced

Here’s all the reasons why they should try WildStar.

WildStar Online Performance and Tweaks Guide Introduction

This guide serves as a reference for common techniques and settings that may help boost the performance of your WildStar client.

The Simplest Way to Get Gold in WildStar

Collecting large amounts of WildStar gold efficiently demands a comprehending of how to best use WildStar's Auction House systems and professionalism.

The Early Leveling Experience In WildStar Online

Hello ladies and gentlemen captain check here today I wanna chat about the early leveling experience for wildstar.

Share the experience in WildStar on May 22 server test.

New Update of WildStar in Server Stress Test on May 22.

WildStar Addons Guide

Read on and the three methods for finding and installing addons will be outlined and described for your convenience.

WildStar Classes, you would choose in PVE

Here, we would shortly introduce these six classes now. Which Wildstar classes would be your first choice?

WildStar Introduction of 40-man Raid

WildStar insist 40-man raid mode in the game.

WildStar Adventures System Detailed

WlidStar dungeons and adventure have adopted the form of a set of three roles.

WildStar Dungeon Guides and Strategies

WildStar Dungeon Ruins of Kel Voreth Guides and Strategies.

Attributes Guides for WildStar Characters

Every class possesses six attributes like below. But the effect of the stats are different. For more detail, look the sheet below.
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