Details About WildStar Features, Attract You

wildstar-powerleveling Date: May/30/14 11:20:24 Views: 162

Wildstar, A deep, sprawling, space adventure set on the mysterious planet Nexus. This isn't just another scifi MMO with pretty colors. It's a completely new frontier. The gameplay is awesome!

Plain and simple, Wildstar's combat kicks ass. Aim, dodge, sprint, and double-jump your way into glorious combat nirvana. Where things like position and movement really matter. Gear-up, put 'em in your sights, aaand explode your enemies. But after those epic battles, you'll need a place to kick it. So we've made player housing. Customize anything your twisted little brain can imagine, and invite your friends to bask in the sheer majesty of your galacto-fabulous space crib. Take it in. And speaking customization, it goes way beyond player housing. We let you personalize everything. How you look, how you craft, how you fight, how you adventure and, best of all, how you roll. Think you got the skills to pay the bills?

Wildstar's Battlegrounds and Arenas let you take on other players for casual thrills or some serious competition. And in the open world, mark and hunt down your rivals for that sweet, ultra-satisfying gank. Then there's Warplots. Epic 40 vs. 40 battles with fully customizable death. And by the way, you can level up entirely through PvP. 

Maybe you're more into some old-school adventuring? We got you covered. Did you say, epic storyline? Yeah, we got that too. One second you'll be exploring a creepy Eldan laboratory, and the next you'll throw on low grav boots and super double jump to an ancient ruin. In Adventures, groups make choices and explore multiple paths through the Caretaker's sadistically elaborate simulations. Or maybe you're ready for the next level? WildStar's Dungeons can take you there with epic bosses and gameplay mechanics you won't believe. Then there's Raids. We turned them up to infinity. Seriously, they'll rip your face off.

All this stuff is just the tip of the iceberg. There's more. Lots more. And we're just getting started. So what are you waiting for? WildStar will be here soon and it is full of mystery adventure and pure, unadulterated awesomesauce. The only thing missing is you.