WildStar Introduction of 40-man Raid

wildstar-powerleveling Date: May/21/14 11:00:12 Views: 201

Recently, WildStar's chief designer Brett Scheinert raid and some game designers, to a question about the game raid content in the forum raised many players were answered. Among them, a player to the game designers also made ​​a pointed question: "If the game operator after 40-man raid is not welcomed by the players, you will not give up this content, turn the energy into 20 Raid content developers copy up?


40-Man Raid

For this question, the answer is that the game designers: "We will not accept defeat easily, we still want to prove that 40-man raid is welcomed by the players.

In fact, WildStar this approach is also regarded as a bet, if after a lapse of eight years, the player can play early like "World of Warcraft", as accepted 40 Raid again, which is no doubt the other is a new revelation online. So WildStar of this attempt to get exactly what the outcome will be, let us wait and see.

WildStar insist 40-man raid mode in the game, no doubt a continuation of the "World of Warcraft" old routine in the 1960s, hoping to attract some foreign new and old gamers eyes. But Blizzard in the development of the "World of Warcraft" 70 Raid content has to reduce in size from 40 to 25 people, on the grounds that 40 people need a Raid guild to spend a lot of financial and material resources to support the RL's ability to command and players also a great match between ability test, and by the late release, some guild hard even from such a large group of Raid. Therefore, after the blizzard had to weigh the pros and cons before deciding to reduce the size of Raid, and the modified model has been extended to today.