WildStar, the upcoming PC MMO

WildStar will launch in full starting June 3 (or May 30 with the 3-day early access included with preorder) exclusively on PC.

WildStar open beta brings the planet Nexus to the masses

WildStar's 10-day open beta has begun. So open beta brings the planet Nexus to the masses.

WildStar Guides! Open Beta!

WildStar is an incredible sifi hugely intense online multiplayer role playing game.

In WildStar reserve your names now for launch

Player and guild name registration is live! Reserve your names now for launch!

Player and Guild Name Registration

Starting today, all pre-order players will be able to reserve one guild name and one player name through our Player and Guild Name Registration page.

Devs Show Off Raids in WildStar

WildStar devs Carbine Studios tout their game as the "Best Damn MMO".

About WildStar-Powerleveling.com

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Leveling Tips in WildStar Online

WildStar leveling tips should help you level up faster, regardless of what class you choose.

WildStar Races

The races that are playable give the player a choice from two factions – the Exiles and the Dominion.

WildStar-Powerleveling offers WildStar Power leveling

WildStar-Powerleveling, focus in Wildstar Online Products. We can do the WildStar Power leveling and WildStar Gold for buyers.

The overview of WildStar classes

There are 6 playable classes in Wildstar Online.

The basic knowledge about the WildStar path

In WildStar, One of the most important, is a character's path.
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