WildStar Addons Guide

wildstar-powerleveling Date: May/22/14 08:42:53 Views: 378

WildStar open beta, one of the most common questions about the game has to do with the use of third-party addons. The game is already shaping up to have a substantial library of tools, widgets, and improvements created by volunteers. The best part about addon development for the game is that it includes one of the most widely recognized platforms for distribution within the MMO gaming world. Read on and the three methods for finding and installing addons will be outlined and described for your convenience.




Curse is a mainstay of the addon development community for many of the top titles in gaming today. Their installer allows you to install and configure the most popular addons available. All that is required is that you download the curse client and pick your addons. They even have a special button on each page to “Install via Curse Client,” which allows you to install with the ease of a few confirmation dialog buttons. In fact, this ease of use is the reason that Curse is so widely used.


MissionControl was the first platform for automatic addon installation for Wildstar Online. It serves the same basic function as Curse, but has been maintained because of its massive following since the game went into beta. It is a simple platform based on an executable file that makes installing addons simple, even for the least technically inclined gamers. It does not have the same streamlined support system and website as Curse, but it gets the job done.


If you happen to be a little paranoid about an automated addon installer having access to your computer, you are not alone. As an alternative to those with more technical knowledge, Curseforge hosts addons in source form. You can go to the site, download the addon you are interested in, and install it manually. This is done by placing the source file inside of your addons folder, which can be found, assuming you have a default installation, at:

C:\Users\[USER NAME]\AppData\Roaming\NCSOFT\WildStar

*The AppData folder is hidden by default, so you will have to unhide hidden folders if you have not already done so. This can be done through the Folder Options menu within the "View" tab. Folder Options can be accessed through the Control Panel.

In Conclusion

The biggest difference between Wildstar and other MMOs when it comes to addons is the fact that they have so many platforms for installation. MissionControl provides a tertiary alternative and is being maintained due to community support rather than any overt benefits over Curse. In the very least, having that extra option means that outages at Curse will not result in lack of automated access to your favorite addons.

The game officially launches on June 3, but customers who pre-order will have access to the game starting on June 1.