Share the experience in WildStar on May 22 server test.

wildstar-powerleveling Date: May/23/14 16:51:26 Views: 235

WildStar would be released on the last day of this month. Now, WildStar has closed the Open Beta on May 18, while the official need to test the server stress under various environment online network, it would open the server untime. Generally, it would announce news just 1 hour early. Now, we are glad to share the experience in WildStar on May 22 server test.

1. The WildStar Map form has updated, and the interface becomes more friendly and beautiful.
2.The classification of regional map is more obvious than before, now we can correctly distinguish those areas whether open or not.
3.  To update the mini map so that you can easy find the exit in crave and dungeon.
4. Backpack automatic sorting is finally updated, you don't have to worry about the backpack will be messed up.

All of these update i noticed on May 22, but i think there are lots of splendid update waiting for us. Believed when WildStar release, everything would be perfect for us!(
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WildStar Map WildStar Map 1

WildStar Map 3 WildStar Bag