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WildStar open beta brings the planet Nexus to the masses

WildStar's 10-day open beta has begun. Closed beta players can pick up where they left off and new players can register with Carbine Studios right now and discover what all the excitement is about for themselves. Offering a dangling fruit to players who may be on the fence about trying the MMO, an all new trailer focused on the story of WildStar accompanies the start of open beta. In WildStar fashion, it has personality in droves and is well worth the two minutes needed to watch.

Welcome to Nexus, the home planet of the mysterious "architects of the universe", the Eldar. The Eldar have disappeared, leaving their once powerful forces, The Dominion, and their bitter enemies, The Exiles, in search of answers. Nexus, most believe, holds those answers, but  the planet is much more than it seems. Terrifying experiments are just the start, because there's a dark secret to be found in Nexus. A secret that could change the fate of the universe -- depending on who discovers it first.

I've put a surprising amount of time into WildStar up to this point, and while I'll reserve my overall judgment until full launch I do want to say this is an MMO worth checking out for MMO lovers. It's certainly not perfect, but I think a lot of gamers will find something the love in-game. 10 days of open beta is perfect for folk to try out the game for themselves.

WildStar will launch in full starting June 3 (or May 30 with the 3-day early access included with preorder) exclusively on PC. There's a bevy of bonuses included for preorders, as well as a Digital Deluxe edition available for those who want to spend a little extra cash for some fun exclusives.