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WildStar uses a client and monthly fee model

The WildStar uses a client + monthly fee model. Free system in the current trend, the WildStar is still bold use of this seemingly "old" charging mode. For these, the game's production director Stephan Frost in interviews with the media, the way the game's toll express their views.

Frost said: "We intend to use at the outset monthly fee system, because WildStar is a triple-A online, our entire team spent countless days and nights produced products, but every month new content is added to the game, which seems to HBO Pay TV content as you spent the money to see the "Game of Thrones" as the great drama.

He also referred to the game CREDD system, he said the system perfect balance of those willing to spend a lot of time to play games and have the players to play the game, he said that those who have the time players can earn money in the game, and then with the game currency to buy on cards, so it takes too much of a problem.


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