How to improve power and level up fast in Wildstar

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As we all know, to level up in Wildstar is not a easy thing and the combat adventure have numerous difficult waiting for us. If you can handle the same level monster in the wild, how can you do? Now, this article share some tips for the Warrior how to improve power and level up fast in Wildstar.

The elites in this picture you can find everywhere in the wild, but sometimes you can not handle it easily. You would better to find a group to fight it that will save more time. Well, if you prefer to fight alone, i suggest you should chose upgrade Assault Power in the early and if you want to be a super Healer that support power is important.

About the combat, there are several useful setting i want share with you. In the Combat Setting and choose Hold to Continue Casting.


wildstar combat options


After back to the game, you would notice there is no need to continue tap 1 number key. As long as you click it would continue cast. In the Keybindings, I suggest everybody place the seldom-used skill on the keyboard Q to E


ws keybindings


1: The Skill has no consumption, no CD which can focus energy for your character.

2: The Skill has consumption, CD skills which can provide huge DPS.

3: The Skill has interrupt ability such as knock down

4: The Skill can Leap, Jump which can help you escape easily

5: The special skill have critical hit

Q: The Skill has interrupt ability such as drag

The AMP point suggestions for Assault Power.


ws warrior AMP


Wildstar Warrior AMP

At the early stage, just to add the AMP point on Assault Power if you want to level up fast in Wildstar. Actually, with the upgraded of level, you can prepare several action set and skill builder set. When i am level 19, i have prepared two different skill builders which are Assault Power and Healer. Everything we have done now, we can start fighting!


ws purple frame


As you see, when the monster has red frame and red circle means it will cast with huge damage. At this time, you should decide the clearly judgment: First, to escape the red circle as soon as possible. Second, to click number 3 or Q you will notice that monster would stop cast, and the red health frame change to purple which means it would cause 50% extra damage. Then, you can use your Number 2 skill and Number 5 skill without hesitate. Basically, with the level upgrade you can place the rest skills as Blood recovery or Shield to ensure you can fight continuously. Of course you also can by supplier buy wildstar power leveling to save your is the best choice you buy wildstar power leveling.