How Much Do You Know About WildStar Esper?

wildstar-powerleveling Date: Jun/19/14 14:09:10 Views: 180

Esper is a popular class in WildStar, do you love it? We all know that Espers are masters of the mind who tap into powerful psychic energies to lash out and incapacitate enemies or strengthen and protect their friends. We are here today to introduce this amazing class to you, enjoy the video first before our discussion.

It starts from 0 to 5. And it will back to 0 when you are out of the game for a while. All the skills need Psi-points support can be cast as long as you have 1 Psi-points. But it will cost all your existing points. You will enjoy a much more powerful skill effect with more points. So, it needs our experience to judge when to accumulate the points and when to cast the skill.

Special Skills:
Spectral Form, it is a single positive skill, when use it, player will enter into a half-transparent status. You can gain massive damage within the time and you can gain one Psi-point every second but you can't move normally, you can use the movement skills to avoid.

Play Style:
Basically, you have to stand still to gain the points, but compared with other classes, it is relatively quiet. The CD time is shorter. You can gain the points continuously though you can't move at the moment. It is a big support to DPS or Mana. Skills that can help you regenerate blood should be there for an Esper. Also, various CC skills are also needed. It can find supporter for us in the fight.

So, do you have a clear mind about Esper now? Contact us when you need further support in the game, best wishes.