Wildstar Spellslinger Guides

wildstar-powerleveling Date: Jun/21/14 10:22:05 Views: 228

The Spellslinger is a popular class, primarily because it’s pretty bad ass. Wielding two pistols and capable of vanishing Into the Void, they’re a slippery class to fight against and a lot of fun to play. It isn’t all easy with the Spellslinger however as you need to know how to kite well to survive. During the early levels things are a little difficult until you get hold of skills such as Gate and Into the Void. Spellslingers deal excellent damage and make pretty good healers while their primary mechanic, Spellsurge, offers a boost to your skills damage as and when you need it.


Wildstar Spellslinger

Exceptional mobility
Capable of slowing and rooting multiple targets during early levels
Good range and damage
Makes for an excellent single target or small group healer

Relies heavily on kiting opponents to survive
Can be killed easily due to wearing light armor
Very popular
Difficult to play well due to the need to kite, manage cool downs and control your Spellsurge