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FFXIV: The Eorzean Adventurers Will Be Able To Participate In New Quests

Final Fantasy XIV adds a lot to the atmosphere, the game is also adds main quests. Currently, patch 4.06 kicked off the Faire, but it also brought a new season of ranked PVP and a few minor buffs to DPS jobs. FFXIV4GIL will reveal the full info and in order to players to enjoy. You can check out more here



Stormblood's changes to the way resurrection works, deaths aren’t that bad. Sure, res sickness hits DPS hard, but there’s no longer the same penalty to max HP, and no mechanics where bosses power up on deaths. If you’re speedrunning raids, then yeah, resurrection doesn’t matter, but if you’re trying to kill bosses for the first time, it’s a great tool to have.


In Final Fantasy XIV, the game itself brought in two jobs and new areas to explore. Even if adding a lot of new features, including missions, raids and challenges, these promise a real gaming challenge. With a regular addition of high-difficulty missions, Square Enix is pushing its hardcore players to always stay on the lookout. It is necessary to obtainFinal Fantasy XIV Gil and FFXIV Power Leveling


On the occasion of the Deathfires, the Eorzean adventurers will be able to participate in a whole new series of quests, including the one that will lead them to Ultros and its uncontrollable tentacles. Those who come out winners will be able to get special items to celebrate the event, such as a new "Deathfire" version of an already popular set of equipment.