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Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.2 Is Nearly Here: New Several Updates

In Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.2, with more missions to take part in, additional PvP updates and more. This update brings a multitude of additions and refinements to the realm. Adventurers of every persuasion are sure to find something to enjoy in this exciting new update. Today, we offer you a sneak peek at what's to come in Patch 4.2 - Rise of a New Sun. More videos and trailers can be found at here: https://www.ffxiv4gil.com/




Patch 4.2 brings several updates to the Feast including the new map Crystal Tower Training Grounds, adjustments to battle length, and the new Light Medal effect. The new PvP team feature will also be added to encourage stronger bonds between participants. With patch 4.2 swiftly approaching, the full update content were revealed at official website. The patch will see the introduction of the glamour dresser and glamour plate features which will make creating the perfect outfit easier than ever. 



2017 was a fantastic year. The release of our second expansion, Stormblood, was a great success, and we've seen more players online than ever before. Plans for the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2018-2019 are also well underway. With a year's worth of preparation going into the event anything can happen, but I'm afraid you'll have to wait to learn what we have in store. 


Patch 4.2 is nearly here. Join others from around the world and start your own Final Fantasy XIV adventure today. Square Enix has now released Final Fantasy XIV on its newest console, the PlayStation 4. In a word, Final Fantasy XIV is a gorgeous and massively multiplayer role-playing game with lots of variety and flexibility. Whatever the case, we are your the best helper by selling ours cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil