15 Tips For Surviving and Leveling Up in WildStar

wildstar-powerleveling Date: Jun/05/14 10:08:57 Views: 187

WildStar, it's actually a very sophisticated game. To help get you to that point, we've put together a list of 15 tips that should help you in your quest for world domination—or world friendship if you're an Exile.

1: There's additional information on the map interface
If you open your map you might notice orange buttons on the left and right. The left button opens up a content panel which shows you the total amount of tasks, challenges, and more in that particular zone, as well as showing you how much of it you've completed.

The right-side button opens up a quests, missions, challenges, and public events panel where you can select one of these varieties of content and see where it's located on the map.

2: Focus on World Story and Regional Missions
Sometimes while leveling you'll feel overwhelmed by the amount of quests at-hand. However, only the World Story and Regional Missions should be considered critical. Completing these progresses the story and takes you from spot to spot.

Tasks are optional quests that supplement the main missions. You should complete many of these in order to keep up in level, but it's never necessary.

3: There's an auto sorting feature
Are you organized? Tired of having to manually sort your bags? Thankfully, WildStar already has an auto sorting feature.

To locate it, open your bags and click the spanner icon on the top right of the window. You'll then be able to see the sorting button, which has several options.

4: You can buy AMPs in the game world
Tier 2 and Tier 3 AMPs are critical in making your character a force to be reckoned with, but they need to be unlocked first. Although you'll find most of them on the Auction House, they're overpriced. You can find them as drops, or visit the following NPCs to purchase a variety of them from a vendor in your respective capital city.

5: Confused? View any tutorial you wish at any time
If you're like me, you've closed plenty of Tutorial windows without realizing that you didn't completely understand the concepts they tried to teach you. Thankfully, you can access any tutorial at any time.

Press ESC, then click on the Tutorial button to open the interface. 

6: Watch your FPS and ping
Sometimes you might experience network or FPS hiccups. To monitor them, press ALT + F1 to show a real-time counter for both on the bottom right of your screen.

You can use this to tweak your video options to optimal levels.

7: Differentiating Quest and Path Objectives
WildStar has kindly labeled its Quest and Path Objectives on the map with different colors. Quests are yellow, and Paths are orange.

8: Experiencing a UI issue?
Although it shouldn't happen often, there's a chance you'll experience a UI glitch sometime during your stay in WildStar. To correct it, simply type /reloadui in the chat window.

Also, if you ever get your character stuck in terrain, you can press ESC and click 'I'm Stuck' on the bottom left to get your character out.

9: Log out of your house for rested experience
WildStar has a rested experience system which gives you bonus XP when logged out in certain areas. The easiest way to earn it is by teleporting to your house (unlocked at level 14) and logging out there. You get about one bubble of free XP every 6 hours, so take advantage of this while leveling to 50.

10: Public grouping
Did you know that if you help another player kill a mob that you both receive full experience and loot rewards? Essentially, the game is formatted where public grouping is rewarded. Whether or not you're having trouble with a quest, if you feel like experiencing the online part of MMO, start working with others to take out enemies.

11: I'm lost
WildStar makes a conscious effort to guide you from place to place, but there may be a time or two where you don't know which zone to go to next. Thankfully, wildstarzone.net has a great guide which not only shows you the map order, but also the major unlocks.

12: WildStar Power leveling Paths
If you are tired of spending time leveling your Path, you can make things faster and probably even more enjoyable by completing Path objectives with a friend. If you're grouped, you'll receive experience whether or not you have the same Path.

13: Buff yourself
The Settler Path is capable of building small structures that provide invaluable buffs for anyone who goes by. Whether or not you're a Settler, you can take advantage of this by making sure you always click the buff machines in quest hubs whenever they're available. You'll get additional health, damage, and maybe even an increased experience rate.

14: The major milestones
WildStar does a good job of keeping you invested with major milestones around every corner. Below are the things you have to look forward to:

Level 6 - AMPs
Level 6 - PvP
Level 8 - Salvaging
Level 10 - Tradeskills
Level 14 - Housing
Level 15 - Mounts, Adventures
Level 20 - Dungeons
Level 25 - New Mounts
Level 30 - Unrated PvP Arenas
Level 35 - World Story

15: Get your daily housing buff!
Once you unlock player housing, be sure to stop by once per day and visit the sign at the entrance. You have a choice between three kinds of buffs, one of which will randomly have a 10% bonus instead of 5%. When leveling, the questing and hunting bonus is probably your best bet unless you're planning to do lots of PvP or dungeons.