The Fast Leveling Process For Wildstar Exile 1- 30 Level

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In the Wildstar, there are lots of players complaint level up is tough and slow. We all want to find the easy way to upgrade fast than others. Actually, the upgrade system isn't so perfect, at the level 1-30 the level speed is slow. The different class has different leveling experience, the main reason is we didn't catch up all skills. Moreover, after 25 level that you can upgrade the first T4 skill. To help everybody increase the level up speed, we are here to introduce the fast leveling process for Wildstar Exile 1- 30 Level.

First, to create character and finish the newbie task. When you at level 6, please remember enter into the 10v10 PVP Area through Group Finder, as you see:

Group Finder

In this PVP, you can upgrade to Level 16, averaging PVP victory will bring you 20% - 60% of the experience. Basically, you experienced 3 times PvP area that you can upgrade once. Meanwhile, the queue time you still can do quest to level up.

When you arrived at 16 level you can come to the main city open the housing system. Housing system can provide a buff to increase your PvP experience. Then, you can purchase or craft a AP weapon to improve your items start the quest adventure. Out of Thayd you would come to Galeras, you can up level 21 here.

galeras map

The excellent game player friends can sharply increase your upgrade speed. Well, you can invite the other player to complete quest together. As you can see from this picture, you would better start from the left to right and make sure the map level is higher than your character so that you can gain more experience. Why should we do the high level quest? In Wildstar, the reward items has no level limited, for example you can wear level 18 items when you at level 15. Usually, two players make a group can complete it easily.

transpot station

When you at Level 21, you can enter into a new map through the teleport in Thayd. Many people can not find the entrance, actually you can click the guardian or directly chat with NPC.

whitevale map

After you arrived at Whitevale, you would better change your Skill Build and prepare some PvP skills. There are lots hostile players, although you guys shouldn't have battle.

According to the following line, upgrade to level 27 you can travel to the moon. The entry points are as follows:

transfer station

In the Transfer station there are two directions. This Map is small, but the items reward and experience reward have increased. After completed the quest here, you can upgrade to level 33.

After level 33, the speed of leveling up and killing monster are sharply increased. You would notice your viability becomes stronger, while you should match with same level Wildstar Items. That's all, the level up guide 1-30 has done. Any great suggestion you have, please leave your message.