How To Build and Customize Your House in WildStar

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WildStar Housing

In WildStar, you have the fortune of having your own home, and not just a home but an entire floating island to yourself! This guide is here to help you get familiar with the system and what options you have when you plan to acquire your own house.

When you reach level 14, a quest will become available to you in either Illium or Thayd from the Protostar Housing Specialist. He will direct you to the Protostar Housing Initiative, from where you can see a list of various housing elements that can be used.

Once you have acquired your house and your floating paradise, you'll be able to use the ability Recall – Home, which will take you back to the new home. This ability will have a separate 20 minute cool-down.

If you're really into decorating and refining the look and appeal of our house, you should consider the Architect profession, which aids in the creation and utilization of FABkits and Decor.

FABkits are used to populate the plots around the house, while Decor is simply Decor, which can be used outside or inside the house to make it look fancier.

House Features
You can install FABkits around the house in the plots, and there are plenty of them available which you can acquire as you progress in the game. FABkits offer a lot of features, ranging from target dummies to practice on to various kinds of portals that lead to dungeons and raids.

There are tons of FABkits to search for, which adds an exciting auxiliary yet fun and beneficial element to the WildStar experience.

In addition to FABkits, you will also gain a Buff Board with three daily buffs – one for Adventures and Dungeons, one for PvP, and one for open exploration.

Houses also give you boosted rested experience when you logout from your home. If you want more boost, you can search for specific interior Decor that would aid you in it.

Your house isn't just the tiny little building you'll build in the center, but also the rest of the regions around it. These regions are divided into Plots.

There are 6 Plots apart from the main one on which the house is built is 6×6 – the other four are 1×1 while two are 1×2 in size. Plots can be accessed from the Landscape menu.

You'll be "plugging" these plots with FABkits of different kinds. To do so, you'll need to have it in your Inventory – pull up the Landscape menu, select the specific plot, and then Place the selected FABkit on the plot.

Plots will require regular maintenance, and have a life-span of one week.

After that, they won't function properly until you repair them. Managing plots because of this reason can be rather expensive, but the purpose of this is to let you experiment and utilize any new FABkit you may have found during that one week of play.

Customizing Your House

Now let's get to the main part, the center of all the attention: your home. You can customize your house by accessing the House menu, which gives you options for remodeling the exterior design, the sky design, and allow you to name your property according to your liking.

The options here are plenty to work with, and customizing them to your liking is one of the most fun aspects of housing. You have five categories to work with: Roof, Sky, Walls, Entry, and Door. Unleash your creativity with these options and experiment around to make your home as fancy and comfortable looking from the outside as possible.

In addition to exterior parts of the house, you have plenty of choices when it comes to designing and decorating the interior. To start your customization of the interior, enter inside the house and head to the Room category.

Like the exterior part of the house, there are five categories to choose and fiddle with: Ceiling, Trim, Walls, Floor, and the Lighting. You can do tons with the options available, and also view a preview of what they'd look like in combination before making the final purchase.


The Crate
You'll come across plenty of Decor and items you may want to store and utilize later on, and that is what the Crate is for. This is basically your storage location in which you can place your decors in.

In order to place a Decor in the crate, all you need to do is right click it when it is displayed in the filter, then navigate to Toggle advanced controls, Linking an item, and Send to Crate.

You'll find plenty of Decor during your travels and adventures, and it's never too bad to have them stored safely for later use.

There is obviously a limit to how much you can store: Lights have a limit of 20, mannequins a limit of 5, whereas the total Decor limit is 800 inside, while 300 can be placed outside.

Try fiddling around with the additional sizing and linking options available to you in the crate – this should help you organize better so you have ease of access later on when you are planning to decorate your home.

The vendor is where you can purchase items of Decor. Once an item is purchased, it will automatically go to you crate. The prices vary according to the type of Decor and what bonuses (if any) it offers.

For your convenience, the items with the vendor are sorted by category.