Wildstar Becoming a MoO Master Guides: Using interrupts for bonus damage

wildstar-powerleveling Date: Jul/09/14 09:43:22 Views: 126

What the heck is a "MoO" master? It's a player that has mastered the art of creating a "MoO" or "Moment of Opportunity" during combat. Confused? You won't be for long - and you'll start killing enemies much faster too so keep reading!


MoO Basics


Now that WildStar has officially been released, I thought it would be a good time feature this guide once again. Starting at very early levels, players learn their first interrupt skill. Players will want to master the use of this skill to maximize their combat effectiveness.

The visual below will show you one of WildStar's best kept secrets. I've seen players in their mid 20's have no clue what I'm about to show you was even a thing.

The third skill each class will learn is an interrupt ability of some kind. Understanding how to properly use your interrupt makes a huge impact on how long fights will last for you.

While in combat, when you interrupt an enemy skill, they become vulnerable to bonus damage (indicated by their health bar turning purple, as well as the damage they take.) This is called a "Moment of Opportunity" or MoO for short.

Keep in mind some of the more difficult enemies (including bosses) will have layers of "Interrupt Armor" that will require two or more players applying their CC ability in order to create the MoO.