Telegraphs and Combat Guides in Wildstar

wildstar-powerleveling Date: Jul/08/14 14:38:54 Views: 188

WildStar plays distinctly different to other traditional MMOG’s and does not have typical targeting or methods of attacking. Every skill in WildStar has a telegraph, which is basically an area on the floor that shows you the width and range of the attack. Dependant on if its a positive or negative skill it will be coloured accordingly (green and red respectively). Green is always healing and red is always damage while your personal telegraphs tend to show up as blue only when casting. You will need to ensure you stay out of the red telegraphs to avoid taking damage and where possible, remain in the green ones to keep your health and shields topped up. It might sound easier than you think, but at first combat in WildStar can be confusing. Learning telegraph shapes and what you can and can’t stand in takes time. 


Telegraphs and Combat


In terms of aiming you’ll need to manually aim each attack irrespective of whether you’ve an enemy targeted. Your skills don’t automatically home in on anyone, making combat a very reactive and accurate process. If you’re unsure of your skills range or radius, simply hold down the skill button and your telegraph will appear, without firing the skill