Limited Action Set (LAS) Guides in Wildstar

wildstar-powerleveling Date: Jun/24/14 10:46:19 Views: 202

Wildstar’s Limited Action Set (LAS) system isn’t hard to use once you know what you’re doing, but that might take a little help in the right direction so that you’re not stumbling around with unspent points. Lets dig into it so that you can be the best Cupcake that you can be!


Abilities Wildstar


The Limited Action Set is keybound to B at the start of the game unless you choose to rebind it and the first screen that will come will be the Abilities screen. This is where you will choose the abilities you will be using in combat whether you’re a tank, healer, or damage dealer. Abilities are defined in three main classifications and a fourth for your path abilities.


Ability Trees


Assault abilites will be used for your damage dealing, mainly in a DPS specialization (spec). These are buffed by assault power.

Support abilities are used when in your alternate action specialization (spec), which is either tanking or healing depending on your class. These are enhanced by support power.

Utility abilities are used by both specs for things such as interrupts, PVP abilities, and more.

Path abilities are earned by completing path objectives and are used however you see fit. They generally do not have any sort of combat advantage.

Your support power strictly buffs your healing or damaging tank abilities. As an example, a Stalker using Impale, an assault ability, will not do more damage with support power gear equipped. The same stalker using Decimate, a support tanking ability, will not gain damage when having assault gear equipped. A healing class could use the same support gear for healing that a tank might use if the player finds the secondary stats correctly benefit their abilities.

An ability can be used in different specs than intended if the player finds advantage to this though. A stalker might take a tanking ability to reduce enemy armor while in a DPS spec or vice versa. It just depends on your play style and needs of your group.


Base LAS


As you can see, when an ability is chosen, it is put on the action bar and can be moved around as needed. The ability bar has updated keybindings for you to see when you’re adding abilities. Abilities are purchased and unlocked through leveling and using the AMPs, which will be discussed later. From here you can see that when you select an ability, you then need to put points into those abilities for them to become more powerful. At Tier 4 and Tier 8, there are changes to how the ability works.


Ability points spent


Take Impale for example, in which the Tier 4 change causes the ability to pierce 30% armor if used from stealth or behind a target. Tier abilities cost 5 ability points to unlock as opposed to the normal one point leading up to them. You can find the points you have for both, abilities and AMPs at the bottom left of the screen. You will also find the action set choice for multiple specs to switch between assault, support, or PVP specs easily. There is no cast time for these and they change as soon as you select them.