House may provide you with bonuses in Wildstar

wildstar-powerleveling Date: Jun/25/14 09:33:34 Views: 143

Besides the beautiful appearance, house may provide you with bonuses.


Wildstar House Bonuses


Buff Table - it's always next to the teleport outside. One a day, you can choose whether you want buff for more exp from dungeons, quests, monsters or more exp from PvP. It works 23 h, but when you die, you lose it.

Rest EXP - resting in your house gives you more exp. The more items you have there improving comfort, the more experience you'll get while you're away. When you return, you get it as a bonus for defeating monsters.

Additional crafting resources - you can set up a mine, archeology site or other places from which you can harvest resources.

Challenge places - you can also set up places from which you get challenges. For each challenge you get a random reward.