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wildstar-powerleveling:How the abilities system work in WildStar

The abilities system in Wildstar is very flexible and user-friendly, thanks to the option of modifying the abilities. The whole set of abilities in the game is called the "Action Set Builder". It should be noted that at the 20th level, the character gains an additional Action Set tab, which gives the option of creating two different builds that can be switched at any time, out of combat (for example a DPS build and a Tank build.)


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The abilities are divided into several groups: Assault, Support, Utility and Path. In the last one, you can find those abilities that you obtain when advancing to higher levels in your Path.

The names of the remaining sets correspond to certain statistics. For example, abilities from the Assault tree are enhanced by Assault Power from weapons. The same goes for Support, and Utility abilities are improved also by Support Power.

There are some restrictions to distribution of points on abilities. To advance to a higher Tier you have to be on the required level of experience and to select Tier 4 and Tier 8 you have to spend as many as five points. Don't worry about the points that you've already distributed, because they can be taken back from an ability and given to another one at any time. In this way you can try many different combinations with no loss of points.

To obtain a new ability you need to be on the required level and buy the ability in Ability Kiosk. You can find it in some of the camps and in bigger cities. What is more, an Engineer can summon such Kiosk for one minute in any place, or even build one in one of the special places that are designed for it.

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