Variety is King in WildStar's Leveling Game

wildstar-powerleveling Date: Jun/30/14 09:48:41 Views: 280

An MMO is not an MMO without questing, and for those players who like questing there is a mega-crapton of it. For those who have "Been there, Done that," the leveling process remains fun because there are so many things to do. Sure some players hate leveling in any MMO, but for players who enjoy questing, even experienced players like me, many of the quests are really quite fun and humorous, especially when grouped. If all you've done is solo questing, try venturing around Nexus with a buddy -- the fun factor increases substantially!


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While questing is fine and all, WildStar's devs realized that they had to take the leveling experience to another, er, level. On top of quests sprinkled throughout many enormous zones, they created layered content such as path missions, challenges and instanced shiphands, not to mention standard dungeons and not-so-standard adventures. And then there's housing. Oh, and those awesome Drusera instances that I haven't got to yet but understand are terrific. There is so much variety to WildStar that I get a kick out of just exploring and leveling. Sometimes I take on a challenge just to see if a housing item might drop. I also break up questing by heading into a shiphand with a friend. I've come to accept that being a completionist/achievement hound would be a major undertaking in WildStar because of the huge amount of content, so rather than trying to do everything, I revel in the smorgasbord of content offered by WildStar and whimsically participate in whatever I feel like doing at the moment. Achievements will be there later!

During the game's development I was frankly skeptical that the "layered content" idea would make leveling fun again, but it does, so bravo to Carbine for creating an awesome MMO leveling experience even for long time MMO players.