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The overview of WildStar classes

There are 6 playable classes in Wildstar Online. Here is an overview of classes to help you decide which one to play. Do you like playing DPS – dealing damage to your enemies? Maybe standing up and taking hits while your team take shots at the boss? Perhaps healing is more your style. Each class in Wildstar has 2 career paths, so you can always be flexible. Here is a quick look at what Wildstar has to offer:
Warriors are of course suited to a DPS or Tank position. In Wildstar the warriors have 3 unique points: great armor, a huge "Power Sword", and an arm cannon. The arm cannon is multi-purpose; it can act as a gun, as a shield, and can even pull enemies towards you if you have the right skills.
Espers handle ranged DPS or act as Healers for their team. They have light armor, mental illusion skills (offensive and defensive), and have a "Psyblade" that is a pretty flexible tool as well. With their illusion skills, they also do crowd control against enemies and buffs for allies.
Spellslingers are like magical cowboys. They use dual pistols to inflict ranged DPS, and magical sigils to crowd control or be the Healer of the party. Spellslingers use light armor, but have a special "void" ability that they use to dodge enemy attacks and to even retreat to their own special alternate dimension for recuperating.
Stalkers use claws and invisibility to ambush and cause massive Melee DPS. They come equipped with medium armor and a special "nanoskin" that has a lot of cool technological powers. With speed or technology, they can handle the Tank role as well as the straight DPS.
The Medic is a hybrid Healer or DPS character. Medics come with medium armor, "resonators" to heal or damage directly, "fields" to leave a damaging or healing area on the ground, and "probes" to attach to enemies or allies for persistent damage or healing.
Engineers fit DPS or Tank roles. They have heavy armor and Rocket Launchers for obvious combat value. They also have Bots that are specialized for damage, healing, crowd control, and tanking. Engineers can create an Exo Suit that temporarily boost EVERYTHING for your Engineer.

So do you know which one fits your play style before its release? With so much flexibility, you can't make a bad choice.