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The basic knowledge about the WildStar path

WildStar Online is an online MMORPG that combines the elements of high fantasy with space-age sorcery.

Players are able to create a character that they can control through their playing session. A characters race determines the natural capacities she has, and her class determines the skills and abilities she possesses, but it doesn't end there. The last element, and perhaps the most important, is a character's path.

There are four character paths: the Soldier, the Scientist, the Explorer, and the Settler. Each path helps determine the reason a character has for being on Nexus, and it helps determine the sorts of adventures that character goes on.

Soldiers, as the name implies, are there to fight dangerous beasts and to shut down armed resistance.
Scientists are on Nexus to catalog and understand all of the flora and fauna the planet has to offer, no matter how dangerous it might be.
Explorers' jobs are to reach the most obscure locations and inaccessible places on the entire planet, and to deal with all the challenges along the way.
Settlers are there to help build towns, construct homes, and to provide all the things people need to make a defensible home on Nexus.

Your character path offers the finishing touches to your character. That is what character path is all about. It doesn't determine what your character can do, but rather the sorts of challenges and missions he or she would take on in the first place. Settlers don't go running into an enemy's camp looking for a fight, but at the same time an Explorer isn't really on Nexus to help build houses and plant crops. Character path provides a dynamic aspect to character development, and it is just one more feature that gives Wild Star that depth so many players are actively searching for. 
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