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New Update In Path Of Exile: The Features Of The Bestiary Update

In March in this year, when it comes to Path of Exile, a new update is coming, entitled Bestiary. To be honest, the Bestiary update will be released on PC on March 2nd. The patch will be coming to Xbox One a week after. The main highlight of the update is that it will include the new Bestiary Challenge League. Do you want to know the features of the Bestiary update? Read more news, and please stay tuned U4GM. 

Ascendancy Class Revamp: Explore countless new build options with each of our extensively rebalanced Ascendancy Classes.

Populate your Menagerie: Visit and observe the beasts you've captured whenever you want, then use them to fuel your Beastcrafting. 

New End-Game Foes: Capturing and crafting with the right set of beasts may grant you entrance to difficult spirit boss encounters with powerful unique item rewards.

Bestiary Sets: The Bestiary League contains four new sets of items based on the powerful spirit beasts. Mix and match them with other items and discover potent new builds.

The Story Continues: High-level players will be able to challenge The Elder and The Shaper simultaneously, deep in the center of the Atlas of Worlds - the toughest boss encounter in Path of Exile yet. 

Beastcrafting: Perform the ritual of Sacrifice by Combat at the Blood Altar to create and augment potent items. There are dozens of powerful recipes that require the sacrifice of different combinations of beasts that you have collected.

The Bestiary Challenge League: With a fresh economy and brand-new mechanics, the Bestiary Challenge League is ideal for existing, returning, and brand new players to experience the award-winning gameplay Path of Exile has to offer. 

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