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Path of Exile's Ranger: Natural Weaknesses And Natural Strengths

Path of Exile is an online Action RPG set in a dark fantasy world. With a focus on visceral action combat, powerful items and deep character customization, Path of Exile is completely free and will never be pay-to-win. Path of Exile you are an Exile, struggling to survive on the dark continent of Wraeclast, as you fight to earn power that will allow you to exact your revenge against those who wronged you. Would like to chaos orbs poe? Don't forget to visit U4GM. 



The first and most important thing you need to know about character creation in Path of Exile is that every class has access to the same passive and active skills. In other words, no matter who you pick, you can create whatever type of build you’d like. Relying on high accuracy, fast rate of attack, and devastating critical hits, the Ranger is closest to abilities relating to penetrating weapons such as swords, claws, daggers, and bows. We invite you to click here, more news and guides can be known. 


Ranger: Dexterity Aligned


Natural weaknesses

Two-handed weapons: If you’re interested in laying down the smack with gigantic, skull-crushing mauls, the Ranger is probably your worst possible choice.

Tanking: Without access to heavy armor, energy shields, or significant health buffs, the Ranger's a glass cannon. Sure, she’ll dodge most attacks, but when she doesn’t, she'll be toast.

Necromancy: While the Ranger can certainly dabble in the dark arts, her access to minion-boosting passives is terrible. You can have pets, but they'll be very weak.


Natural strengths

Evasion: A large number of dexterity nodes means Rangers will infrequently be hit by enemy attacks, completely bypassing HP loss and related status effects.

Accuracy: Benefiting from tons of dexterity nodes and other precision passives, the Ranger’s attacks will almost always hit, ensuring your mana is never wasted.

Attack/Movement speed: Rangers have early access to a large number of passives that boost attacks speed, as well as some of the only movement speed perks in the game.