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New content of Wildstar PvP map: Daggerstone Pass

Next big update Sabotage revealed in Wildstar! The Carbine Studios has unveiled today the latest update coming to Wildstar called Sabotage which is the second content drop for the game. Now, we are glad to introduce the new content of PvP map here.


wildstar Sabotage


Daggerstone Pass is a 15v15 battleground with the objective being to destroy the other team’s fusion core. After you at level 30 that you can access to the battleground with players. There are 3 control points in the middle of the map, Mines, Bunker, and No Man’s Land. To catch control points starts up a bombardment of the enemy fusion core, when it down to 0% health blood, you lose the fight! What’s more, the addition interesting thing in this content is the Bomb! There are several different methods to use Bombs help you finish the battle. First, to pick up one and rush into the enemy’s fusion core then drop it! Second, you can also use it to clear out opposition in control point. While, you should be careful to hold this Bombs which possibly blow yourself up in the process.


wildstar Daggerstone Pass