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Madden's Mode: Madden 18 Should Be The Best Way To Experience The NFL

Madden NFL 18 is currently available for Xbox One and Playstation 4, Madden 18 should be the best way to experience the NFL without feeling the weight of supporting football on your conscience. Madden 18 made it exceedingly simple for you, as a matter of fact, that's probably the most fun you've had playing Madden 18 so far, just playing football. Many players can't help but buy madden 18 coins and madden mobile coins



In this year's Madden 18, there are a lot of game modes. This edition of Madden 18 offers us a story mode that focuses equally on the backstory of the main character and the challenges he is trying to overcome to make it to the NFL. You are Devin Wade, an aspiring quarterback who has all the tools to be good at football but has gone through some unfortunate life events. 


In this story mode, you can make certain decisions that affect your players' draft grade throughout the whole story. The story follows you and your longtime best friend Colt Cruise as you both try to make the NFL despite what everyone thinks and says about you. The game makes you feel like you have to make the NFL at all costs. For Wade, it’s either that or shoveling stuff in Texas with your high school teammates. 


Of course, there are other modes, for instance, Franchise mode, which lets you play as your favorite team through a season. But inside that mode, you choose to play from the perspective of an owner, coach or player, each offering a very different experience. Madden is geared toward a very specific type of player, clearly the kind that buys the new version each year. Madden has long been very good at making sure that if all want to do is play a game. Stay tuned to U4GM for more Madden 18 tips, strategies and guides, see more at here