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Audibles On The Fly Work With All Of Madden NFL 18's Game Modes

Recently, EA confirmed related information about sport games Madden NFL 18, EA stated that Audibles on the Fly work with all of Madden 18's game modes, including Ultimate Team. Be sure to read more at here to see a complete rundown of the Audible on the Fly feature and how it effects the game. By selecting plays from the Play Call screen, you can access the "Audibles on the Fly" feature. 



Here Is A Rundown Written By EA About How The System Works: 


Once you have selected a formation and are at the Play Call screen, simply press LT/L2 to bring up the Replace Audible menu. The replace audible menu shows the list of Audibles that are currently set for the selected formation. It's easy to use: 


While at the replace Audible menu, select what play in  he Audibles list you want to replace

Once Audibles have been selected, users will return to the primary Play Call screen to select the next huddle play. After breaking the huddle, users will have access to all of the new Audibles via the Audibles menu at the line of scrimmage for the current set. 

Once a play is selected from the Replace Audible menu, you will then be taken to the replace play level of the Play Call screen where you can select the play you want to add to the active list of Audibles for that set to replace your previous selection.


EA Sports continues to update and expand Madden NFL 18, and The game's newest update is out now on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, with the released of the new updates on December 11, adding a major new feature and online stability improvements, among other things. You can head over to official website to know more: