Exile and Dominion Level Up Guide In WildStar Online

wildstar-powerleveling Date: Jun/03/14 14:57:47 Views: 183

Here we are glad to provide the simple 1-50 Level up guide for WildStar players. As we all know, there are two factions we can chose, different choice has different experience. 

1-3 Level: Exile Arkship / Dominion Arkship
Basically, you just do the easy newbie quest and similar with the operation

3-6 Level: Everstar Grove or Northern Wilds/ Crimson Isle Levian Bay
The Exile starts from a a frozen and snow-covered land and the Dominion starts from hot wilderness. Do you want go to the good scenery and more trees place? So, don’t leave the Arkship urgently, back to the to the platform find another ship. In addition that you can enter into PvP area Walatiki Temple join 2v2,3v3,5v5 combat when you upgrade to level 6.

6-14 Level: Celestion or Algoroc / Deradune or Ellevar
After acquired level 10, you can use the Tradeskill and learn skills. At 14 level, you can purchase the space land to build your house. In WildStar, housing system would be the most important system, you should pay more attention to build it!

14-22 Level: Gleras/ Auroria
As for now, the two factions player can arrive at the real capital in Nexus Star. 
15 Level can unlock two PVE Adventures (Hycrest Insurrection & Riot in the Void)
20 Level can unlock a PVE Dungeon (Stormtalon's Lair Ruins of Kel Voreth)

22- 29 Level: Whitevale
The new mount Hoverboards can be use at 25 level. The new PVE Adventures War of the Wilds unlock!

29- 35 Level: Farside
New PVE Adventure Slege of Tempest Refuge unlock at Level 30

35- 42 Level: Wilderrun
The World Event (Main) starts at 35 Level
New PvE Dungeon (Skullcano) released at 35 Level
New PvE Adventure Crimeloards of Whitevale released at 40 Level

42- 46 Level: Malgrave
The Last PvE Adventure The Malgrave Trail released at 45 Level

46 - 50 Level: Grimuault
The PvE Dungeon Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden would release after your get full level.