WildStar Weapon Bloody Zena's Professional Decapitators

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WildStar Items are important in the game as it enable us to perform better and more powerful. We are here today to introduce you an Amazing WildStar Items, it is a level 50 weapon named Bloody Zena's Professional Decapitators. Let’s see the reasons for its popularity. 


Bloody Zena's Professional Decapitators


As a claw, Bloody Zena's Professional Decapitators has a high critical damage as well as a fast attack speed, when player uses it, the finesse, moxie and grit can be increased in a fixed number, but the effect is varied in different classes, you can see the differences easily from the following the attacked photo and maybe you can decide if it is the right weapon for your class. Spellslinger seems to have the higest Assault Power form the chart, Warrior tends to have the most Critical Severity Rating and the base health are the same in the six classes. So, if you want to know if it is the best for your build, you need to know more besides class, for example, your orientation in the game, your role want to play in the raid and your goal want to achieve in Nexes are all factors can be concerned in your weapon choice. 


Extra Item Stats Info per Class


So, how to get the weapon? First of all, all the WildStar Items can be famed in the game with your power and your luck. Second, you can buy it from third party or other players. We Wildstarmall. us also offers you the wonderful weapon in the best quality and the most reasonable price, also, we offer you a coupon named “Wildstar2014” with 9.8% discount, check it before paying, you can enjoy the discount. Find the Bloody Zena's Professional Decapitators in our WildStar Items Page. The prices we offer to you is relatively lower than the market, and with the discount, you will love it.