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WildStar Races

The Multiplayer science fiction game 'WildStar' begins on a planet called Nexus, and the first race that is introduced is Eldan. This powerful and mysterious race has disappeared from the planet but for the thousands of online players, it has left behind secrets and technology to discover and explore. However, when the character creation is done, the players get to choose between 8 races and 6 classes. The races that are playable give the player a choice from two factions – the Exiles and the Dominion.

The Dominion
A powerful empire founded buy the eldan that claims Nexus as its rightful legacy.
Cassian – The Eldan chose the Cassians for establishing the Dominion and even though they are burdened with destiny, the Cassians make sure that the galaxy knows about them.
Draken – Drakens are warrior visitors to Nexus who have been forged in their homeland's dust and heat, and they are not afraid to use force where necessary.
Chua – These mischievous sociopathic inventors are responsible for providing the Dominion with their brilliant technology.
Mechari – The Eldan engineered these killing machines that are extremely efficient and their sole purpose on Nexus is to eliminate all the spies and traitors.


The Exile
A gutsy group of outcasts and mercenaries who come to Nexus to find a new home.
Human – The humans have wandered the Fringe for centuries but now, they are preparing to settle down on the planet of Nexus. Not afraid to fight, this race has backbone, grit and elbow grease.
Granok – They once had a war with Dominion which ended with them getting banished from their own homeland. However, these beer drinking and ass kicking Exiles are mercenaries who have returned to Nexus to claim what is rightfully theirs.
Aurin – These little scrappy forest dwellers saw their homeland getting ravaged by the Dominion and have come back to fight.
Mordesh – Mordesh are space zombies who want to find a cure on Nexus for their degenerative disease.



Who will win this battle – the Dominion or the Exiles? Who knows, but it is surely going to be a hell of a war.