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The Progress of Albion Online And Its EVE

Arguably, For Albion, It going through a rough time with development. Besides, its release was postponed, since the map they designed for what was supposed to be the "final beta" was a huge disappointment for many of us. 



Speaking of the developers, they are going in many directions trying to please as many players, in addition to this, in this process, some significant aspects of the game was destoryed. In fact, they know they fucked up, what's more, in the next beta, they are trying to do better. Of course, in a massively multiplayer online game, I'm pointing out that being part of a guild. I'm also manage to get cheap albion online silver.


Having said that, Albion is a great game, nowly, after 5 months in this beta, for the server population is extremely low, and it's quite fun because of that, you can also get the negative answers. At next beta, we all expect to see a crowd, developers can deliver and bring back Albion to its former beta1 glory. 


From developers as well as trying anything players throw at them, Albion is a bit of lack of own vision. What's more, they love the game, and it only keeps improving that new map that'll come after wipe seems good. Though its the opposite of EvE as I think most dangerous place is in the middle on that map.


Albion is more softcore version of EVE but it is new game so you can't compare it with a old game like EVE . In couple of years it will be more popular than EVE IMO and maybe even better but not yet. By the way, if you want to buy cheap albion online gold, and you can access to official website: UPAlbion