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The Popular Sport Game NBA 2K18 Features A Very Robust Create A Team

As a popular sport video game, how to create a team? this is meaningful and core questions in the game. As a matter of fact, this game features a very robust create a team. Not only you can create a team, but also go ahead and create the team's branding. You can create your own logo, browse other users, select a preset, or even upload your own from the internet. 



Now, let's talk about some details about create a team in NBA 2K18. First and foremost, you can go to MyGM/MyLeague from the main menu of NBA 2K18. From here, head on over to MyLeague and choose to either do a League Expansion or Custom League. 


If you go with League Expansion, right away you'll be given an opportunity to create up to six new teams to add to the NBA's current 30. You can either create your own team from scratch, use a pre-built team or download a team design from other users. More guides and tips, highly recommend you visit here.


In addition, you can begin designing your arena. Again everything from seat color, to what sound effects are used, what ads appear on the scorer's table and more can be customized to your liking to make sure your arena fits the personality of the team that you’re creating.


Eventually, go ahead and design the team's uniform. You can upload a logo to use and build a uniform to match, or just keep it simple and basic with some regular ol' jerseys. Welcome to U4NBA, we will never let you down forever, since we are the most professional and reliable, aiming to offer cheap NBA 2K18 MT