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Lost Ark: How to complete the north wind quest?

This step-by-step guide will walk you through everything you need to know about how to complete the North Wind quest in Lost  Ark. In this Lost Ark quest, The player is tasked with finding fragments of an ancient scroll located on three different islands.



How to start a quest?

You need to complete The Lonely Island quest to start the North Wind quest. Speak with Zarina (NPC) on the island of Aquilon, located west of the Artetin continent. You need to interact with the NPC to complete the Lonely Island quest. You will automatically receive this quest. 



Passage of the quest

Your first objective is to talk to the treasure hunter Igor when the quest starts. Head to Peyto Island, located south of Pleccia and west of the Anikka continent, as marked on the map below. He will ask you to find fragments of an ancient scroll on all three islands.


A fragment is hidden on the island of loneliness

It is located north of the West Luterra continent. A portion of an ancient scroll is hidden near the right coconut tree.


The fragment is hidden on Aquilon Island

Aquilon Island is located northwest of Retramis in the Whispering Sea. You need to be at least level 460 and have the new travel quest to swim there. A fragment of an ancient scroll is hidden on the northeastern edge of the island. There you will see a flashing yellow icon.


The fragment is hidden on hangman's island

Hangman Island is located in the Spectrum Ocean to the west of the Argentina continent. A hidden piece is tucked northwest of the entrance, and you'll see a flashing yellow icon near the white stone.


Show it to Zarina

Immediately after collecting all three fragments with the ancient scroll, speak to Zarina over the hangman's island to complete the quest and acquire a reward.


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