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Madden NFL 18: EA Has Managed To Leak The Ratings For Every Player

EA reveals more details of the Madden 18, the teaser trailer hints at a story mode which could be much like FIFA 17's the journey mode. If you need something relating to Madden 18, including story mode, the best offensive playbooks, best defensive playbooks, see more at official website. Madden 18 is the best all-around football video game ever, the visuals and gameplay are both improved. 



EA has managed to leak the ratings for every player. Let's see how the players on this game. The only players rated higher than Watt are Von Miller of the Denver Broncos, Tom Brady of the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald who were each given a rating of 99. To much of my surprise, rookie Deshaun Watson is rated higher than veteran Tom Savage with an overall rating of 76. 


Madden NFL 18 has introduced its first series in to story mode called Longshot. When Madden 18's Longshot story first begins, you're introduced to the young versions of Devin and Cole. This story is about a by-chance athlete, Devin Wade, who charts an uncommon path to the NFL, via reality show, years after leaving an illustrious Texas Longhorns program. In the hands of the dynamic Frostbite engine, Wade and other characters come to plausible life. 


Anyway, fans seemed to be impressed with Longshot, but some of the existing issues with Franchise mode and commentary were not addressed. It's evident that Madden has issues overcoming this obstacle. Perhaps, whenever it is solved, EA can implement a patch to reverse the wrongs it has made. Regarding Madden 18's the recent patch full notes, stay tuned U4GM. U4GM can offer you lots of valuable coins such as madden mobile coins


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