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Plug Into Auto In MU Legend Will Give You Nothing

Webzen allows you to plug in auto, but the results you get are just zero.



As information we have released, on November 7, publisher Webzen has officially opened the international version of MU Legend. So after one year of waiting (since the trial version at the end of 2016), the fans around the world finally got the game.


MU Legend is the second part of the online role-playing game online MU Online of Webzen. The first part of this series was released in 2003 and has resonated in the international market.


In the game market of Vietnam, MU Online is the legendary name has a great influence. Most generations of gamers 8x, 9x know and love this game. With the launch of MU Legend, this is a game that Vietnamese gamers can not ignore at the present time.


For MU gamers, the concept of "mouse grip" has become extremely familiar. It is known as one of the first auto modes of online gaming. Of course, when moving from MU Online to MU Legend, Vietnamese gamers also do not forget to bring their "specialty".


Unfortunately, Webzen seems to be a little reluctant to take action. The evidence is that they have taken a fairly sophisticated measure against the situation of mouse clamps in particular and auto in general. When identifying a character with auto behavior, the publisher will give the gamer a special gift. It is a slowdown, reducing damage and blocking the ability to increase EXP as well as drop items. This means that Webzen allows you to plug in auto, but the results you get are just zero.


If you want to buy rare items after the Open Beta, you can choose buy cheap MU Legend Redzen for sale on You won't want to miss them.


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